Becker Blacktop LLC is a professional paving contractor and one of the leading paving companies in Issaquah WA and all surrounding areas. We believe that quality of work is the foundation of successful customer service. We offer impeccable service at very competitive prices that satisfies our clients and challenges our competition. We are at our clients’ disposal during the whole working week, Monday through Friday. We have days off during the weekend but we provide additional working hours upon request. You do not need a preliminary appointment to get in touch with us. We provide free estimates. Call us and we will be glad to arrange an appointment. Please note that we at Becker Blacktop LLC accept only checks and cash payments.

by Stacy Kiddle

Thanks for the top notch house improvement that you did for us! Our new alley looks amazing! Thank you!
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Becker Blacktop LLC
13030 244th Ave SE Issaquah, WA 98027
(206) 940-3912

asphalt pavingWe successfully work with residential and commercial clients as well as subcontractors. Our professional team is well trained and prepared with all the necessary equipment to take small and big projects. As an experienced asphalt contractor we have expertise to work with asphalt. It is one of the most common materials that is used for paving and construction of roads, sidewalks and parking lots. We offer repair, removal and maintenance of existing and new road infrastructure. We also specialize in brick paving for private and decorative purposes. If you want to personalize the driveway to your estate in a unique way, you have come to the right place.

brick pavingRoads wear out with time due to natural forces and traffic. Freezing winter temperatures, spring thawing, storms and sunlight can lead to cracking and melting of the road surface with subsequent deformation caused by the passing vehicles. In case it is a small scale damage, patching of the affected area should be undertaken. Becker Blacktop LLC is one of the professional paving companies that provide blacktop and asphalt seal coating as a means of paving repair. The seal coat protects the fixed section from further physical and chemical deterioration. We also schedule subsequent reapplications to maintain the patched area. However, if the damage is of a larger scale, more intensive repairs are required. As an experienced paving contractor we provide thin paving overlays, complete removal of the top with overlaying as well as full-depth reconstruction. We further execute in-place recycling. Call us to learn more.

asphalt machineSome of the crucial factors for prolonging the life of the road are the quality construction and good maintenance. Practice has showed that it is more economical to invest in a new road construction than to repair an old one that is in a poor condition. For the durability and endurance of asphalt pavement it is very important that its surface and foundation are professionally constructed and made from quality materials. Our company is an experienced asphalt contractor that guarantees professional implementation of new road constructions. However, the best prevention for road damages is maintenance. It can be done by a well working drainage system that keeps water out of the road as well as regular cleaning of the ditches and storm drains.

For professional asphalt and brick paving in Issaquah WA, call Becker Blacktop LLC now by calling (206) 940-3912.